Wings Not Strings

Wings Not Strings

Parenting Strategies to Let Go
with Confidence

"The research, data, and experience Dennis and Arlyn bring to this book are invaluable. I’ve gone from questioning my own abilities to being confident that I can release my children to soar."

-- Trisha Novotny, Founder, 24/7 Moms

"With insight, clarity, warmth, humility, grace, and intelligence, Dennis and Arlyn have provided tools for families to shape, and then launch, their children into adulthood, equipped to flourish."

-- Scott McQuilkin, VP for Institutional Advancement, Whitworth University

"Wings Not Strings provides the perfect analogy for successfully launching young adults and gives parents thoughtful, practical advice on how to live it out when raising teenagers in today’s complicated culture. This book should be required reading for every parent!”

-- Amy Carney, Author, Parent on Purpose


We all want to raise responsible and self-confident children ready to take on the world and fulfill their dreams. But, signs are everywhere that young adults are struggling after they leave home, while parents are grappling with the practical and emotional demands of letting go and preparing them for independence. Because of this, and the training deficit evidenced in today’s young adults, we wrote Wings Not Strings: Parenting Strategies to Let Go with Confidence.

Wings Not Strings surveys today's young adult landscape and reveals how contemporary parenting styles and other factors are contributing to the lack of adult readiness evident in today’s adolescents. It then offers empowering parenting solutions that build the leadership and life skills children need to flourish—giving them wings, not strings.

Wings Not Strings is also filled with encouragement and practical strategies to help parents let go and move over to the passenger seat in their teen’s life. It addresses the emotions, fears, and pressures parents are facing, equips them to let go naturally and confidently, and positions their family for a thriving adult-to-adult relationship.

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Dennis Trittin

Dennis Trittin

is a successful author, publisher, educator, speaker, and mentor committed to helping young people flourish in adulthood. He is founder and CEO of LifeSmart Publishing and the author of What I Wish I Knew at 18 and co-author of Wings Not Strings and Parenting for the Launch. Previously, Dennis spent 28 years as a senior executive with Russell Investments where he researched leaders worldwide and managed $35 billion of assets. With acclaimed resources and speaking engagements on the topics of leadership, life skills, and parenting, Dennis inspires and equips young people and the adults and organizations guiding them. He and his wife, Jeanne, have two adult children and reside in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Arlyn Lawrence

is LifeSmart's co-author, Curriculum Director, and seminar leader. She developed the What I Wish I Knew at 18 Leadership and Life Skills Curriculum and co-authored Wings Not Strings and Parenting for the Launch. Arlyn’s background in publishing includes comprehensive book and curriculum development, editing, and magazine writing. Arlyn has served families and educators as an international seminar leader and youth director and is a frequent writer and speaker on the topic of character, personal development, and relationships for children, young adults, and their families. She and her husband, Doug, have five children and six grandchildren and reside in Fox Island, Washington.
Arlyn Lawrence
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